Binder Clips Are For Way More Than Just Binders

venlee lifehack via Youtube

Thanks to a YouTube account called Venlee Lifehack, I now know how to use binder clips for many things other than just clipping papers together and using them, well, in binders. The video is full of different hacks you can use these inexpensive clips for, and the user goes through each one with such speed that if you can't do what he's showing, you'll feel like an idiot.

Here are five of my personal favorite ways he uses the binder clips in the video.

1. Multi-Charging Station

venlee lifehack via Youtube

If you're not a fan of those Hub Man chargers, just use some binder clips to make something similar. All you have to do is clip three or four large binder clips onto the edge of your desk and slide the cables through the metal parts of each one. If it can't fit, simply pull out the metal clip from the black part (yes, this is possible by pinching the metal part together, watch the video from more instruction!) and slide it in, then return it.

2. Single-Port Phone Charger

venlee lifehack via Youtube

Use a small binder clip and a large binder clip over the smaller one to make a stable charging station for your phone. Simply clip the small clip to the part of the cable that goes into your phone, and cover it with a larger clip (which will serve as the stand).

3. Headphone Clip

venlee lifehack via Youtube

Don't you just hate when you pull your headphones out of your pocket or bag and they're all tangled up with your keys? Never again, thanks to this hack. Simply take a binder clip and clip it beneath the earbuds, and slide the wire through the other side of the clip. Simply wrap up and slide the end of it through the metal parts of the clip. Stick in your bag or pocket and you're ready to go!

4. Chip Clip

venlee lifehack via Youtube

Did you just grab a snack at the airport, at school, or maybe at work but you didn't finish them and you have no chip clip in sight? Not to worry. Grab a binder clip and roll the bag down, then clip in order to keep it nice and fresh (no one likes stale chips, I feel ya).

5. Money, Card, & Key Holder

venlee lifehack via Youtube

That's right, a 3-in-1 hack! Fold your money in half, and clip with a large clip. Slide your card between the cash, and then separate the silver metal clips from the black portion, slide your key ring in, and then re-attach them. Voila! Stick in your bag or pocket and you're ready to go.

To watch all the hacks, view the video below!

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