Your Signature Scent Does More Than Just Attract Women


It’s apparent that scents can play a small part in sexual arousal and attraction. They don’t have as much of a role as fragrance producers skew their ads to make us believe, but they do. Just because you spray on a particular fragrance doesn't mean that women will be worshiping the ground you walk on. I've sprayed some Axe on before and never had women chasing me around afterwards. That’s a great fantasy, but it’s much deeper than that.

Craig Roberts of the University of Liverpool and his colleagues worked with a team from Unilever's research laboratory to conduct an experiment surrounding male fragrances. Their findings could potentially give fragrance companies a stronger sales pitch for men’s scents. The experiment results suggested that the attraction may not have as much to do with the fragrance itself attracting the opposite sex, as was previously thought. The arousal of female attention could have more to do with the psychological effects that fragrances can have on their wearers.

Arkadi Bulva/Shutterstock

During the experiment, half of the male volunteer group were issued a commercial aerosol that contained fragrances and certain antimicrobial agents. The other half of the group were given identical bottles with the fragrances deprived of the active ingredients. After conducting a series of test on both groups, the results yielded that the group using the commercial fragrance showed significant improvements in self-confidence. Even women that could not smell the men, but only watch them on short silent videos noticed differences in the volunteers mannerism that made the men appear more attractive.

I’ve always been a cologne enthusiast, so I don’t need any convincing about the power of a good aroma. What's most impressive to me is how a fragrance can improve the wearer's mood, and boost confidence that possibly translates into success in other areas of life. I’m not saying that the right fragrance is the aromatic version of a limitless pill, but everyone can use a little bit of a confidence booster. Confidence is a key attribute to have in almost any scenario in life. Knowing that the right fragrance improves self-confidence is even more reason for a man to wear colognes.


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