Lilly Ghalichi Gives Us A Lush Apartment Tour

With several professional degrees, and A LOT of glam that also backs her up, Lilly Ghalichi has become an extremely successful business woman. The Persian descendant (who happened to be born in Texas) shares an inside look of the intimate space she calls home in a new video clip.

Discover the lush, unique, and gorgeous apartment that Ghalichi so proudly shows off!

Opulence Within Comfort

Equipped with luxury, and followed by the taste of a stylish woman, Lilly has paid attention to small details in her apartment. Doing so has allowed for her personal style to reflect throughout every corner of the place. Surely having a home that so personal helps her disconnect from the world.

Decorating any area within your home should always be a reflection of who you are and what you’re into. Lily, continuously shares adorable pictures of herself on Instagram, but now we get a better look at how her style and taste continually evolves, and influences her home decor.

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