The realistic message behind Sia's Chandelier

the realistic message behind sias chandelier7
SiaVEVO/ Youtube

When I first heard the song "chandelier" on the radio, the first thing that caught my attention was its rhythm. Soon after, I looked at the video and understood that the song had a realistic meaning behind it: alcoholism. There are so many “party girls” out there who may be influenced by friends to drink and with time have to battle an addiction.

Sia, who is also a song writer – mentioned in an interview- that she suffered an addiction to alcohol and painkillers

The purpose of this post is for you as a woman to learn from another story, the consequences of heavy drinking and what it could lead to.

Scroll down for details on the song that Sia croons and that millions of women have identified themselves with.

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SiaVEVO/ Youtube

What used to be a reality

The song “Chandelier” is the story of a “woman" with a drinking problem that has lost part of her life. As Sia sings, in her voice she transmits emotions: desperation and hope – of maybe someday finding the light that will turn her world around.

As Maddie from Dance Moms appears, she is posing in an elegant way, supporting herself on the door; giving the illusion that she is an older woman. As she falls into the room, the “party girl” finds in alcohol a relieve to not feel pain.

Sadly, assuming that alcohol will fix problems is a mistake that some women make. They believe 'drinking will alleviate emotional pain, chances are that it may – but it’s only a matter of time until reality strikes.  

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SiaVEVO/ Youtube

Party girls COULD get hurt

With her movements and facial expressions you could see that “her” story began at a young age. Circumstances lead her into drinking, but somehow she hoped to escape the horrendous world she was trapped in.

I’m going to live, like tomorrow doesn’t exist” is by far the only moment in which the party girl feels sober, wishing for a better life - where she could live while enjoying every second.

Most people with a drinking addiction want help, but are fearful of what others may think of them. If you have a friend or a family member who might be going through this situation, offer your help. Perhaps, not at that the very moment- but with time, you could be the person to hand them the key for a better life.

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SiaVEVO/ Youtube

The chandelier

While gossiping with some of my girlfriends about this song (which we all love) - we couldn’t quite understand what  was the symbolism behind the word “chandelier”. Our conclusion was very simple, most women who suffer from an addiction problem become objects themselves.

A chandelier symbolizes –in this case- beautiful women who swing from one place to the other trying to free themselves.

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SiaVEVO/ Youtube

She believed she could so she did

The most profound part of the song is: “I’m going to fly, like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry”. She hoped to get cured and so she did, because she knew that one day she’ll be sober again; living a life without tears or sorrow... Realizing that party girls could get hurt and that alcoholism is real.

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SiaVEVO/ Youtube

Her escape

As the lens blurs, she comes back into reality; giving women who may be identified with her story- hope. Also, allowing for others to see that any obstacle could be surpassed no matter how big and difficult it may seem.

Living with or knowing someone who has an addiction could be very difficult. However, there is help for those who wish to change their lives. Don’t feel discouraged, be your own hero by motivating yourself or a person you may know to seek help.

Whether you are a girl or a young woman, don’t drink just because others are doing it. Set your ground and respect yourself above all. Drink in moderation and always assign a driver who could safely drop you off at home.

Remember: There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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