$20 Will Get You The Only 3 Liquid Lipsticks You'll Ever Need


I’m a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. They're so velvety and smooth and look beautiful on everyone. I tend to wear a more “dewy” finish to my makeup, and so I tone down the glow with a more matte liquid lipstick.

I personally think the best liquid lipsticks are the ones from Colourpop, and that’s because there is an incredible ratio of quality to price, to me. The liquid lipsticks are so great that people have actually compared them to Kylie’s Lip Kits. Some go as far as saying that Jenner uses the Colourpop formula but brands it as her own and ups the price.

Whether or not you believe that, I will say that the quality of Kylie’s kits are pretty much matched with Colourpop’s range, and at $6 per product, you can’t beat it.

But let me start with this: Colourop’s line of liquid lipsticks is intense. I mean, there’s a color for every shade, outfit, situation, and personality you can imagine. But, I’ve done the noble deed of letting you know which 3 are the only ones you’ll ever need out here in the real world.

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Rooch (left) is the first on the list, and this deep wine color is perfect for a night out. It would match nicely with a black outfit for a dark and vampy feel, but it can also be used to warm up a neutral outfit with greys and whites. Rooch can be worn for a formal occasion or something a little more “dressy,” (such as a night out at dinner) and would also look beautiful with a wine colored dress or top to match.

Bad Habit (middle) is a “dusty mauve pink” (according to Coloupop), which is a nice shade for either going out or doing something casual and is also light enough to be able to wear to work. The shade will look good on gals of any skin color and is also great because it’s somewhere between being nude and pink.

Some women are afraid of going too light because it can make them look “washed out” or just, well, odd, and many women also fear the pinks because it does not go with their skin color either. This is the perfect balance.

StingRaye (right) is a beautiful color that literally looks amazing on everyone. The cool mauve brown color is the most amazing one to wear for any occasion, and would be my personal go-to for work. It's a great shade to wear when you are going with dramatic eye makeup, as it won’t seem too overpowering. This $6 steal is your makeup bag’s magic wand.

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