5 Hygiene Hacks Every Guy Needs To Know

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Good hygiene tends to make a man more attractive. I've never heard any of my girlfriends say, "Ahh this guy I went on a date with had chapped lips and I just couldn't wait to kiss him." Nope, doesn't happen. Not all guys having the same grooming tricks, and some they could even pick up from us women. If your grooming routine is lacking in steps to combat odor and unwanted hair, then these everyday hacks are exactly what you need to add.

1. Start with a back blade.

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If back hair bothers you then give this unique blade a try. As opposed to shaving the hair off like a regular razor would, this blade has a protective guard so that you don’t cut yourself. It’s also very convenient because there’s no need for water, and it’ll make your back smoother and hair-free!

2. Use baby powder like a baby.

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After you shower, towel dry your skin and apply powder all throughout your private areas (you know, the places where you normally sweat a lot). This will keep those sweaty areas dry and comfortable all day long.

3. Condition and trim your beard like you would the hair on your head.  

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A report last year pointed to a serious problem in beard hygiene. Unless you want that kind of bacteria chilling that close to your mouth, I recommend using a good shampoo and conditioner, or even splurging a bit for some of those fancier beard-specific products.

4. Give Vaseline a shot.

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Chapped lips have a cure in Vaseline. If you’re not into the shine that most chapsticks leave behind, then you will like the hydration that Vaseline offers with a more matte finish.

5. Get rid of body odor with Vodka.

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You’re at a party and you notice that your underarms are not smelling like they should. No worries, find a cup and pour some Vodka in it, then in the bathroom dab the Vodka where the smell is and allow for it to dry. The alcohol kills the odor causing bacteria.

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