No Mysteries: 8 Things All Parents Should Know About The Baby's Penis

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The human body is fascinating and there's always something new to be discovered. Still considered a taboo for many, the characteristics of babies' intimate areas can spark curiosity in first-time parents. With boys, for example, people are frightened when they discover that they may have an erection. Take a look at other peculiarities - some normal and some that require attention.

Baby with erection

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With the ultrasound technology, it was possible to discover that even inside the uterus the male fetus can have an erection. The characteristic remains in the extrauterine life. According to pediatricians, the action has no relation to sexuality and is a response only to physical stimulation.

Baby's testicles can accumulate poop

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Although the hygiene of boys is simpler than that of girls, while they wear diapers it is important to be aware of the accumulation of feces in the scrotal sac. "Normally, feces enter the little folds in the scrotum. Then, when it comes to cleaning, it is necessary to lift and look closely to avoid infections," recommends pediatrician Dr. Flávia Oliveira, from Brazil.

Still, according to the expert, after removing the diaper, the area should be cleaned under running water, in the shower or even in the sink. Afterward, it is essential to dry well to avoid mycoses. In the diaper, the penis can point up without any risk of bending.

The skin on the head of the baby's penis

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The vast majority of babies are born with the glans (head of the penis) covered by a small pelt called the foreskin. According to pediatrician Dr. Ruy do Amaral Pupo Filho, from Brazil, this characteristic is absolutely normal - cases in which this does not occur should be investigated. "This skin protects the penis which, during the first months of baby's life, is attacked by the diaper," he explains.

Massage to tear the skin is not indicated

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However, although there is still the idea that it is necessary to break the foreskin or massage the region, the pediatrician warns that this no longer practiced, because it increases the risks of injury and development of secondary phimosis. "The foreskin gradually detaches from the glans during the first and second year of the child's life. Massage or forced detachment can worsen the situation and increase the chance of surgery," he says. This is because the rupture of the skin can cause, besides pain, a lesion in the area and, in the healing process, generate phimosis, which will need surgery to be removed.

The total detachment of the foreskin can still occur completely at the beginning of puberty and this is no problem, according to Dr. Flavia. "Sometimes, a part of it peels off during childhood, when potty training begins, and then it will only peel off at puberty when they begin to have erections. It's normal," she reassures.

Cleaning of the penis should be done at the end of the bath

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To avoid injuries and major complications, bath time for kids who have not yet had their foreskin detached should be treated with some care. "The cleaning is done with water and neutral soap, but it is important to leave the intimate region for the end of the bath, when the skin is softer, to avoid possible injuries," says the pediatrician.

The movement also requires attention. Ideally, use your fingers to make slight downward movements to remove any dirt that may be between the foreskin and the glans. "It is not to be pulled or done several times. Twice is enough", says the pediatrician.

The child needs to manipulate the foreskin

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However, once they start being potty trained, they must be taught to manipulate their genitals and to keep them clean. When the foreskin starts to come loose, it is necessary to instruct him that, when it comes to peeing, he needs to pull the loose part. "When the child starts to pee on his own, he has to be taught that he needs to pull the skin upwards because otherwise he accumulates pee in the region and favors the proliferation of bacteria and possible infections", recommends the pediatrician.

Baby with big penis

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Although the size changes from baby to baby, Flavia warns that if the organ is too big, parents should seek advice from a pediatrician to make sure the health of the little one is okay. "The over-sized penis is related to some diseases. It is not the only symptom, but it is one of the signs of certain pathologies," he says.

Baby with a small penis

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The opposite can also happen and, according to Dr. Flavia, the parents should not be concerned. "When babies are chubbier, the fat is accumulated in the pelvis and people may think they have a micropenis. But, in fact, it is only hidden by the fat", she explains.

      Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Beatriz Helena.