Hear Mandy Moore’s New Single ‘I’d Rather Lose’

Mandy Moore speaks onstage. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Mandy Moore has released her second solo single in over a decade and this is what she said about “I’d Rather Lose.”

“We live in a cultural moment of ‘win at all costs’ and that may afford small victories in the short term but this song tries to explore the idea of trying to live according to your moral compass, whatever that might be,” Mandy said in a statement about her new project.

“It’s easy to run out of patience and give into temptations on any given day, but it seems like the only way of achieving the kind of long term peace of mind we’re all looking for, requires a recommitment to the concepts of honesty and integrity that ground us,” Mandy continued. “On a macro level, that’s what this song aims to hit on – abandoning some game you never subscribed to in the first place.”

Listen to the complete track below..