Taylor Swift Compares 'Lover' to 'Reputation'

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Taylor Swift compares her "Reputation album" to"Lover," check out what she had to say:

“I knew I was doing a thing,” Swift said. “For the first time ever I was playing with the idea of a character and playing with the idea of sort of like, I kind of wrote the album a bit like a musical. I knew it would really come to life when I played it live.”

Taylor continues, “And I knew with [Lover] it was something that was almost a return to form in a lot of ways,” she continued. “And in the way that I was just me as me singing about my life in the way that I actually experienced it. Not through a filter of these extremes.”

“You know, like Reputation was like you put an extreme filter on everything- like if I was mad, I was extremely mad. If I was feeling defiant, I was extremely defiant. If I was feeling low, I was extremely low.”

Watch the whole interview below: