Here Is What You Need to Know About International Pop Star Alvaro Soler

alvaro soler
Singer Alvaro Soler performs during the Launch POP event on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Peek & Cloppenburg store at Weltstadthaus on March 21, 2018 in Vienna, Austria. (Photo by Michael Gruber/Getty Images for Peek & Cloppenburg)

Alvaro Soler chit-chatted with VIX abouthis experience of working with Jennifer Lopez, how he started in the music business and he revealed who is he dying to collaborate with on a future project.

VIX: Talk to us about how you started to get involved with Music and what is your ultimate professional goal?

Alvaro Soler: Good day, good day. I started with music when I was about 10-years-old. I started playing the piano and I kind of got involved with music, more and more. Then I was in bands, like a typical thing, until I started my solo career many years later. And, I think my goal with music is just to make people happy and making them forget about the problems that we have every day and just transmitting good vibes.

VIX: How was working on a collaboration with Jennifer Lopez and what did you learn from her?

Alvaro Soler: She was really kind. Really kind. It was kind of the first thing I did of my solo career, also it was right in the beginning which was pretty crazy. So, for me it was an incredible moment. I felt a little overwhelmed of course, but it was cool and really nice, and it was an amazing experience to work with her, to work with a team that is as big as her team. That was really inspiring, also it show our team the way of how things are done and how it’s done, it was a good example.

VIX: Tell us a curious fact about yourself?

Alvaro Soler: Umm, something curious stuff about myself? I don’t know. I’m half German, maybe that’s curious I don’t know. Umm…I (chuckles)… live in Berlin and in Madrid. And I have a brother and sister that also do music. I like to paint, and I like to go to the movies and have popcorn for dinner. Very boring, sorry.

VIX: What Latin artist are you dying to work with and why?

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In most cases old is better than new 😊👍🏼

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Alvaro Soler: Mmmm.. I would say Carlos Santana because that’s one of my ultimate Latin all-time favorites. And that would be super cool to do a collaboration with him.