Alessia Cara Is Joining Juanes For The Collaboration 'Querer Mejor'

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Juanes has dropped his new single, "Querer Mejor," featuring Alessia Cara. In an interview with ET, the Latin artist revealed that he's been thinking of collaborating with the young singer since November 2017.

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"I'm so excited about it, I can't wait," he said of the song's release. "I just fell in love with Alessia Cara's voice. I met her two years ago when we were performing at the [Latin] GRAMMYs."

"It was Logic, Alessia and me, and then last year when I was working on this song with some friends, we just decided to invite Alessia Cara. It happened because we have a friend in common so he helped us to connect, and now we have a song," Juanes explained.

"There's something about her voice and my voice -- together it just works," he continued. "It doesn't always happen like that."

"I was very emotional because she's Canadian but she has Italian roots, so she can pronounce Spanish almost like perfect, no accent. We were like, 'What? This is incredible, man!'" he recalled. "The final result is so beautiful."

"I really liked the song because the message of the song is very important. It's like, a reflection of life; it's like, after all these years when you get to the end of your life, you'll be able to learn how to love. It's the question that we all make all the time, so it's very deep and beautiful," Juanes shared.