Here's The One Thing You TOTALLY Missed From Cardi B's New Music Video 'I Like It'

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YouTube / Cardi B

Not even 24 hours have passed and Cardi B's new music video already nabbed the #1 trending spot on YouTube. On Tuesday, the Dominican hip-hop artist dropped the video for her latest single I Like It—in less than 24 hours it garnered over 10 million views.

Fully-charged with real Latino power, the single features Puerto Rican trap artist Bad Bunny and Colombian urban star J Balvin—two of the hottest Spanish-speaking artists of the moment.

Cardi, Bunny, and Balvin bring the heat to the classic 1966 hit I Like It Like That performed by Pete Rodriguez. The colorful video, directed by Eif Rivera in Little Havana, Miami, lives up to the song's vibrant vibe.

But as the clip makes the round, there's one thing that fans failed to miss, according to Cardi: she was totally pregnant during the filming although it's not noticeable at all!

On Twitter, she revealed: "On the 'I like it' music video for the for the yellow skirt and the group scene i was 5 and a half month pregnant. The red dress scene 7 month pregnant. Bro when i tell you i was so uncomfortable and hot in Miami omg I’ll talk about it later."

Fans on social media found it hard to believe! See for yourself in the video below:

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