Chayanne Has Been Everyone's Latino Crush Since The '90s; Here Are 7 Reasons

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Monday has become a national holiday thanks to the internet and the glorious hashtag: #ManCrushMonday or #MCM. Every start of the week, thirsty people on social media flaunt their crush by sharing a photo and a sweet caption. For the most part, a "man crush" could be a celebrity, your bae, or any special male in your life.

With that said, one popular #MCM candidate is Chayanne—a Latin pop crooner from Puerto Rico who's been blessing the world with his music since 1978 and has all Latina's head-over-heels. Here's why:

#7) Because he's obviously good-looking!

Chayanne is almost 50 years old and although it may sound cliché... he ages like fine wine! I've been a fan since I was a kid (thanks mom) and he looks the same in 2018 as he did in 1998.

#6) Because he's never been caught in a scandal

If there's something that every person can agree on—whether a fan or not—is that Chayanne has never been caught in a scandal or made tabloid headlines. He knows how to balance his professional and personal life like a pro!

#5) Because his pearly whites make us melt

His smile is everything! Not only that but if you've been following his career, you'd know that Chayanne is ALWAYS in a good mood and always smiling.

#4) Because he's a romantic at heart

Yea, he's dropped some urban songs here and there, but it's his romanticism that captures our souls! Chayanne stole our hearts with songs such as Completamente Enamorados and Un Siglo Sin Ti. Now, he's restoring our faith in love with his 2018 single, Di Que Sientes Tu. It's OK if you don't understand the Spanish lyrics, just watching the video will make your heart skip a beat.

#3) Because he's an amazing dancer

As if you totally forgot, you too have been crushing hard on Chayanne ever since you saw him unleash his killer sexy dance moves in the 1998 film Dance with Me starring Vanessa L. Williams.

#2) Because he's almost 50, but relevant AF!

Yea, he's almost reaching the fifth floor, but Chayanne is more relevant than ever. He's collaborated with some of the hottest urban artists of the moment, such as Ozuna and Wisin, and has done hilarious skits with today's influencers. Needless to say, he's all about Instagram!

#1) Because he never abandons his fans

And finally, but definitely not least, he's super duper faithful to his fans, which is why his fandom is also super duper faithful to him. If you need any more proof of this? Why not catch him on his Desde El Alma Tour, where he'll be visiting you... yes you... very soon!

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