What Are Mexillennials? This New Phenomenon Is Taking Over The World


Mexillennials are taking over the world and you probably haven't noticed! But what exactly is it? Mexillennialsis a term that best describes a new musical genre that combines the best of both worlds: Regional Mexican music and millennials.

At the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Conferences in Las Vegas, we got schooled about this new generation of artists by some of the best in the genre, including Ulices Chaidez, Virlan Garcia, Adriel Favela, Christian Nodal, Cornelio Vega Jr., and Jesus Mendoza. All of these artists are proud Mexicans and singer-songwriters under the age of 25.

In a panel called Rise of the Mexillennials, the artists got real about the industry. "No one told me how busy and tired this lifestyle was going to be... getting on a plane right after a show at 3 a.m., for example," said Vega Jr. Mendoza added: "Dieting is hard because sometimes we don't get to eat until around 4 a.m."

Their musical genre is often criticized and linked to narcocorridos— a musical style whose lyrics recount the exploits of drug traffickers—but Nodal has a tip for those emerging artists who want to dip their toes in Regional Mexican.

"We have to be careful and responsible with what you're going to sing about or post on social media because there's always a child who idolizes you," he said.

If there's one thing that these Mexillennials have in common—besides obviously being Mexican and Millennials—is that they are not tied to only their Mexican culture and traditional music. "We listen to Vicente Fernandez and urban music," said Nodal. "Music is changing and the best thing we can do is unite as artists. There are no stereotypes anymore in music. We want to take our culture to people all over the world."

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