Meet Malu Trevejo: How This Teen Went From Being Instafamous To Emerging Music Artist

malu trevejo

Malu Trevejo was a normal teen in high school when she began using Instagram to flaunt her mad dancing skills.

Never in a million years, did she think that her passion for music would get her to where she is right now: with over 5 million followers on Insta, a record label, and dropping her second single.

Born Maria Luisa Trevejo to a Cuban mother and Spanish father, the 15-year-old internet personality and singer rose to fame on the photo-sharing app after uploading videos of her on-point belly dancing skills. "I started on Instagram, belly dancing like Shakira and people liked how I danced so I started getting a lot of followers," she told VIX.

Everyone knows that getting followers on Insta is not a piece of cake and requires a lot of time and dedication, for Trevejo, however, it took only one video to put her on the forefront of the entertainment biz.

"My first viral video was one where I was wearing a blue shirt and black pants and had straight hair and I was dancing Work by Rihanna," she recalled. "I couldn't even follow back my followers because they kept coming in and I couldn't keep track."

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The emerging teen artist is also a big deal on the app, where she amasses over 2 millions fans. Her passion for music has led her to even sign a record deal with In-tuLinea and in September 2017, she presented her first single Luna Llena. This was only the beginning for Malu, as she's now releasing her second single En Mi Mente.

"I love to dance and sing, and anything related to music," she said. "A man named Pier helped me get signed and once I started making music, the record label liked it. I recorded 'En Mi Mente' in L.A. and filmed the music video in Wynwood in Miami. It's lit, I like it. It's more my style."

For Malu, who can balance her education and her career like a boss(!), it's important to stay true to yourself. Her message to young kids? "Do whatever you like doing without letting anyone stop you. Always think that you are you and no one is like you."

Check out En Mi Mente below:

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