Out Of All Their Music Videos, This Is The One The Backstreet Boys Are Ashamed Of

The Backstreet Boys, only the best boy band of the '90s, are celebrating 20 years since their second studio baby dropped.

On August 11, 1997, BSB blessed our souls with their second self-titled album that included basically all of their best hits: As Long As You Love Me, Everybody's (Backstreet's Back),andAll I Have To Give. It was thanks to this album that many '90s kids discovered their obsession with the boys.

"What a 20 years it’s been! To each and every one of you who's been a part of this journey, thank you! We love you all. ?#20YearsBackstreetAlbum," the boys wrote on their Facebook.

Two decades? That's a lot of years. A lot of hits. A lot of music videos.

On their VEVO, they have 24 official music videos published. You'd be surprised to know, however, that out of all of their clips, the boys are actually ashamed of one. ***Drumroll please***

Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)

Ok, but why? A drenched Nick Carter, A.J.'s wet abs, Howie's nipples. C'mon! So many Millennials had sexual awakenings with this music video.

However, the boys made this confession in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where they admitted that Quit Play Games is their most embarrassing video. "It’s the first one I think of because we’re all beefed out," said A.J.

According to one ofBrian's ex-girlfriend's, the video, which was filmed at a local middle school in Orlando, Fla., was mastered in one day because the boys had a scheduled trip to Southeast Asia the following day.

Yea, they might not have liked the video, but fans find it hot AF and the song became their first-ever huge hit in the country. So, there should be no shame!

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