This Is How Trap Music Is Influencing The Latin Urban Scene

latin trap scene

Trap music—a subgenre that has been around since the '90s and originated from Southern hip hop—is often defined by the hardships of street life, such as poverty and violence. With music trends changing, more and more Latino urban artists are gearing to the genre, and for them, Latin Trap is changing the game.

In a panel called The Latin Trap Session at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Conferences, artists such as Farruko, Bad Bunny, and Bryant Myers, opened up about the influences of trap music in the Latino urban scene.

"It's the new expansion that the urban genre needs in the Latin market," said Puerto Rican star, Farruko, who kicked off his career as a reggaeton artist and is now testing the waters with trap music.

Many of his colleagues can agree, such as Dominican hip hop artist Messiah. "A lot of people would laugh at the genre, but now everybody wants to do it," he said. "Latin radio is not ready for this type of music that touches controversial topics."

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Lyrics found in trap music tend to be uncensored and gritty; in fact, the term "trap" is used to described a place where drugs are made available.

Some of the first pioneers of the genre included Outkast, Goodie Mob, and Ghetto Maffia. Artists such as T.I., Future, A$AP Rocky, and 2 Chainz, are also categorized as trap artists.

"People have a negative concept of what trap music is. Trap is not always going to be sexual or vulgar. This is exactly how reggaeton was in the '90s," Farruko said. "I felt limited with reggaeton music, but with trap music, I feel identified with the audience. It's the new pop," he said.

For many Latino urban artists that are jumping on board with the genre, trap music is merely a lifestyle.

"Worst things are seen in TV series," Farruko said. "You can't criticize today's youth for making music out of things they are living on the streets. We're not selling drugs, we're making music," he added.

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