Hard Nipples And Other Things You Didn't Know About Spice Girls' 'Wannabe'

News is making the rounds that a very-much-needed Spice Girls reunion is finally happening—except with no Posh or Sporty Spice. Sucks, but we're still living for the Baby Spice, Scary Spice, and Ginger Spice comeback.

Geri Horner aka Ginger Spice toldPage Sixthat the group is "not reforming immediately, but in the near future.” The new trio is called GEM (Geri, Emma, and Mel). It's Ok, us '90s kids will wait!

Meanwhile, the song that put the popular '90s girl group on the map, Wannabe, turned 21 years old since its official music video release in April 1996.

Remember all the mayhem, nineties fashion galore, and girl power in the music clip? Do you also remember Sporty and Scary Spice having hard nipples all throughout? Well, that's not everything the video entailed.

In honor of Wannabe's 21st anniversary, here's a list of fun facts you probably didn't know about the video.

1. We don't mean to ruin your childhood memories, but the lyrics, according to Glamour, have a strong reference to sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

2. There was a lot of chaos during the filming. In fact, there was no control at all because the idea was to capture the Spice Girls madness.

3. Although the video looks like one continuous take, there were really two continuous shots.

4. The girls rehearsed several times before the shoot with the cameraman running after them.

5. While the video production cost over $166,000, the girls' costumes were around $25.

6. The film was directed by Jhoan Camitz, who did commercials for Nike, Volkswagen, and Diesel. This was his first music video ever.

7. The original shoot was supposed to take place at an exotic building in Barcelona.

8. Instead, the location was changed a few days before the shoot and took place at the Midland Grand Hotel in London.

9. According to Geri, it was freezing cold in the building, which explains why Sporty and Scary had hard nipples in the clip (aside from the fact that they had no bra on).

10. Following the video's release, many countries in Asia banned the video because of the erect nips.

11. Their record label also had concerns and asked the girls to re-do the clip. The video was later released in its original form after the girls refused to film it again.

The fun facts in this article were found on SpiceGirls.Wikia.

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