Can You Guess The Selena Quintanilla Song From These Emoji Lyrics?

selena emoji lyrics
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In case you didn't get the memo, it's always Selena Quintanilla month on our calendar. Not only in March. Not only in April. But, every month—all 12 of them.

Here at the VIX English headquarters, we are huge Selena fans! And we're not just saying this to follow the trend, but because we're truly a group of millennials who grew up with her music.

Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, and so on, we're ALL Selena fans here. How could we not? With her flawless curves, iconic fashion sense, on-fleek dance moves, and impeccable vocals—she was the role model to follow in the '80s and '90s. And even though she passed away 23 years ago, the Queen of Tejano continues to make a great impact on the younger generations. Because once again, she's perfection.

We celebrate her legacy by paying homage to some of her greatest hits.

But can you guess them with these only emojis lyrics? Try the quiz below and NO CHEATING!

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