17 Latin Urban Artists You Must Keep On Your Radar In 2017

urban artists to lookout for 2017

In 2015, reggaeton made a huge comeback with the strong return of artists such as Nicky Jam, Zion & Lennox, and Plan B. It was also the year that new artists stepped in the spotlight, including J Balvin, Maluma, and Gente de Zona. The Latin urban scene was on fire!

Yes, all our lives we've been partying to Daddy Yankee's, Don Omar's, Ivy Queen's, and Tego Calderon's music, but la nueva escuela is really changing the game in the urban industry. As reggaeton continues its massive, growing success, here are some artists you should most-definitely-without-a-doubt keep on your radar in 2017.

1. Ozuna (Puerto Rico)

Born Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ozuna is a 24-year-old artist who is on top of his game. He kicked off his trajectory in 2014, but it wasn't until 2016 when he collaborated with De La Ghetto in La Ocasion that he received international attention. His latest single, Dile Que Tu Me Quieres, is all the rage.

2. Cosculluela (Puerto Rico)

Cosculluela is giving us major Nicky Jam vibes in 2017. Similar to his colleague, the half-Puerto Rican and half-Cuban artist embarked his career in the '90s. Despite his ups-and-downs in the public eye, Cosculluela, who has collaborated with almost every urban artist in the scene, has made a kick-ass comeback.

3. Feid (Colombia)

For years, Feid, born Salomón Villada Hoyos in Medellin, Colombia, has been a composer in the industry. The 25-year-old has worked with artists such as Nicky Jam, Reykon, and J Balvin before kicking it off as a solo artist with his catchy single Que Raro.

4. Srta. Dayana (Cuba)

It's been over a decade since Colombian-born Cuban singer Srta. Dayana kicked off her trajectory. Born Dayana Chavez Victoria, this Cubana is turning heads with her rapping skills and captivating songs. She became a household name on the island after collaborating with Cubaton artists El Principe and El Chacal.

5. Reykon (Colombia)

Reykon, whose real name is Andrés Felipe Robledo Londoño, was born in Colombia and kicked off his career in 2002. The 30-year-old urban artist has collaborated with artists such as Daddy Yankee, Arcangel, and De La Ghetto, and is considered one of the biggest proponents of Latin America.

6. El Robotico (Nicaragua)

Humberto Peralta, artistically known as El Robotico, is considered one of the pioneers of the urban movement in Nicaragua for being one of the first to produce popular music at an international level. His music has made it to the likes of radio stations in the exterior, and he's gained popularity with fans in Los Angeles, Miami, and other cities in the U.S.

7. Danny Fornaris (Puerto Rico)

Born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Danny Fornaris is a GRAMMY-winning producer who has worked with artists such as Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Tito el Bambino, and Calle 13. According to his Facebook page, Fornaris' sound has "revolutionized the Latin urban music scene." He's been in the scene since 2003.

8. Mozart La Para (Dominican Republic)

Dominican Hip-hop and urban star, Mozart La Para, is one of the hottest artists in Dominican Republic right now. It's only about time that the whole world hears of him! Born Erickson Fernandez in Los Mina, Santo Domingo, this 28-year-old singer has toured Europe and the U.S., selling out many shows.

9. J Quiles (Puerto Rico)

Born in Connecticut, 26-year-old Justin Quiles has been making his way to the urban scene for the past 15 years. The singer of Puerto Rican descent is popular for his songs Orgullo, Maria, and Me Curare. He's been nominated to Premios Juventud in multiple categories.

10. Karol G (Colombia)

Karol G stepped into the spotlight in her native Colombia when she participated in the reality show Factor Xs as a kid. For some time, before making it big as a solo artist, she toured with colleague and compatriot Reykon as his backup singer. She's since collaborated with Nicky Jam, De La Ghetto, and Ozuna.

11. Mister Meli (Nicaragua)

Mister Meli was born and raised in a small town in Nicaragua called Achuapa, where from a young age he began writing poetry. As someone who migrated from Central America to the U.S., the Nicaraguan rapper's experiences can be heard in his socially-conscious lyrics.

12. Mr. O Band (Cuba)

Mr. O Band is a Cuban trio based in New York City. We don't know much about this up-and-coming urban act, but we do know two things: 1) they like to describe their genre as "reggaeton hipster" and 2) they are badass! According to their official Facebook account, their music is fresh, original, and has a new perspective.

13. Jacob Forever (Cuba)

Before he became a household name on his own, Jacob Forever was one of the group members of the popular Cuban act Gente De Zona. After GDZ gained worldwide success as a duo, Jacob Forever made a comeback, becoming one of the most popular Cubaton artists in the biz. He even takes part of the first-ever Cubaton radio station in Miami.

14. Messiah El Artista (Dominican Republic)

Messiah El Artista, whose real name is Benito Emmanuel, was born into a family of artists and musicians. The Dominican-born rapper was raised in Harlem, New York, where he discovered his love for Hip-hop. Messiah's music is very popular in Latin America; however, he's ready to conquer the rest of the world.

15. El Chacal (Cuba)

Born in Habana, Cuba, El Chacal has become one of the most popular artists on the island. The 30-year-old initially began as a Hip-hop artist before becoming part of the popular Cubaton duo Chacal y Yakarta. As a solo act, El Chacal has collaborated with Yandel and Pitbull in the hit single Ay Mi Dios.

16. Sebastian Yatra (Colombia)

Move over Maluma (just kidding, don't go anywhere), because Sebastian Yatra is here! This 22-year-old heartthrob was born in Medellin, Colombia before living in Cartagena and then Miami. His music is categorized under the pop genre, but his urban/EDM track Traicionera placed him in the urban industry.

17. Divan (Cuba)

At only 20 years old, Cuban artist Divan Sotelo is probably the youngest face in the urban scene. The rising artist owes the success of Cubaton music around the world to Gente De Zona, who according to him, has opened the doors to many Cuban artists like himself.

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