'Generation Fuerza' Tells The Powerful Story Behind The Deadly Earthquake That Rocked Mexico In 2017

(Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

The tragic earthquake that struck Mexico City and surrounding areas on September 2017 caused the loss of many lives, yet; some hopeful stories have also emerged from the chaos.

Within days of the quake striking, filmmakers Clark Slater and Alex Goldstein were informed by friends affected by the quake, that in the absence of an organized response, hundreds of citizens were taking matters into their own hands to ensure the safety of their friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Now, Slater and Goldstein decided to create a heartfelt documentary called "Generation Fuerza," showcasing the stories of people and organizations in the aftermath of the natural disaster.

The short film promises to speak to the next generation of Mexicans, who are fighting to bring the city back to its feet through their unity, determination and innovation.

Following its New York premiere, the intimate documentary is making it's digital debut today, check out the full video below.