Omar Chaparro Opens Up About Conquering Hollywood And 'No Manches Frida 2'

no manches frida
"No Manches Frida 2," Lucy (Martha Higareda) and Zequi (Omar Chaparro). (Photo: Pantelion Films)

Mexican actor Omar Chaparro sat down with VIXto talk about his upcoming gig in the first live-action Pokémon movie next to Ryan Reynolds and the return of "No Manches Frida 2."

"No Manches Frida" is back with the popular Latin actors Itatí Cantoral and Aarón Díaz, who are here to join the gang in the new sequel and to make you laugh about all the social media and relationship issues our new generation is constantly dealing with.

"My children told me they laugh more in the second one, and I think is because of the new characters" referring to the comedy Diaz and Cantoral added to the mix,"I have to give credit to Aarón and how he portrays his character who is always traumatized with Instagram."

Comparatively, the comedian opened up about his own experience about all of his different characters.

"I feel like what I do it has to come naturally, I tried that my characters are real and feel real and at the same time I try to take Omar out of the equation, he's the actor and he works developing a character and once the character is there he's the one that's responsible, not me," Chaparro said.

The actor continues to succeed in Hollywood recently joining the impressive cast of the enigmatic live-action Detective Pikachu film.

"Things are just starting to happen and I obviously feel happy and grateful because it wasn't easy and it was very difficult when I was started knocking on doors for the past two years," he added that it felt like everything that's happening "is chicken soup for the soul."