Young Jenna From '13 Going On 30' Is All Grown And Looks Just Like Jennifer Garner

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Columbia Pictures/IMDB

Remember the young leading star from 13 Going on 30? Her name is Christa B. Allen and she portrayed young Jennifer Garner in the 2004 comedy.

Fourteen years have passed since the movie was released and "young Jenna" is all grown up now! What's even more curious is that she looks like Garner, IRL!

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Columbia Pictures/IMDB

Doppelgangers do exist, but whoever knew that you can have a lookalike with an age gap. Christa is now 26 and Jennifer is 45—that's almost two decades apart!

Scouting through Instagram, we couldn't help but notice the physical similarities between the two starlets.

'13 Going on 30' co-stars look like twins!

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Their similarity was so on-point that five years later the two actresses to co-starred in another movie called Ghosts of Girlfriends Past starring Matthew McConaughey. If you think we're making this up, check out all the evidence below. They're like sisters separated at birth!

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Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Rafael Belém.