Michelle Rodriguez's New Movie Receives Heavy Backlash From LGBTQ Activists

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The trailer for upcoming film,The Assignment, starring Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver just dropped. But even before the trailer was out, the film’s plot was met with major backlash from LGBTQ activists for being transphobic.

The film is about a contact killer (Rodriguez) who seeks revenge after being involuntarily subjected to gender reassignment surgery by the sociopathic Dr. Rachel Kay (Weaver).

In a statement referring to the film to The Huffington Post,Nick Adams, GLAAD’s Director of Programs for Transgender Media said, “we haven’t read the script, but it’s disappointing to see filmmakers turning what is a life-saving medical procedure for transgender people into a sensationalistic plot device.”

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When the film was first announced and met with backlash, Michelle Rodriguez took to instagram and described the film as a “culture shock pic” and stated, “the industry seems to be running low on edgy creativity & 'real take a chance' controversy, sometimes it makes me want to scream, instead I did what I always do when I'm bored with the 'status quo', I shot crazy b movie Indy to express my frustration.”

Trans activist, Elizabeth Marie Riveria also took to instagram and called for a boycott stating that the film contains “a f***ed up and twisted ‘transgender’ trope that is being forced down our throat.”

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This is what Trans Face looks like! And I'm really over it! Awhile back I decided to do some poking around to see what updates I came across concerning the deplorable new movie formerly known as "Tomboy: A Revenger's Tale" starring Michelle Rodriguez (@MRodOfficial). It has now been renamed "(Re)Assignment". Apparently "Tomboy" was to insensitive of a title. Written and directed by Walter Hill (from a story by Denis Hamill), the film centers on an expert assassin who is double-crossed and forced to undergo a gender reassignment surgery (Rodriguez) by a rogue surgeon (Sigourney Weaver), and then sets out for vengeance. This movie is a remake of "Johnny Handsome" with a Gender bending twist. This is a behind the scenes pic of Michelle Rodriguez with a faux beard (assuming this a shot from a scene before the inflicted "punishment" in the movie) on YouTube along with this "post-op punishment" clip (! Yes, this is really happening! ( Please read the following articles for backstory. • • • • I ask the following question: 1. Why is gender reassignment being depicted as a cruel punishment? This movie is doomed! We must Boycott (Re)Assignment! • #StopTheShade #StopThisBullShit #StopTransFace #TransInMedia #BoycottTomboyMovie #BoycottReAssignment #MichelleRodriguez #MRodOfficial #TomboyARevengersTale #Tomboy #ReAssignment #TransLivesMatter

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At this point in time where meaningful trans stories are finally being told on the mainstream stage, how irrelevant and lazy does this film plot sound to you?

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