Jon Snow's Ending In "Game of Thrones": Actor Reveals What Really Happened

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About three months before the end of the last season of "Game of Thrones", Kit Harington revealed what pretty much all fans wanted to know: what was Jon Snow's fate after he crossed the wall?

Kit Harington explains the final scene of "GoT"

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In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, Kit Harington gave his opinion about his character's ending and revealed what that moment meant to Jon.

In the long-awaited finale of "Game of Thrones", Ned Stark's bastard killed Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and ended up being sentenced to spend the rest of his days in the Night's Watch.

However, as soon as he arrived at the place, he and a crowd of other savages began to move North, after The Wall, to live with their friends.

Many fans began to wonder where the character was going, since the ending was not clear. For Kit Harington, Snow's trip has a very significant tone.

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“Seeing him go beyond the Wall back to something true, something honest, something pure with these people he was always told he belongs with—the Free Folk—it felt to me like he was finally free", stated the actor.

According to Kit, the bastard ended up finding his freedom in the series, turning his back on the place that brought so much war, death and sadness to the world. Because Jon Snow was always against the power struggle, the character started to move to a place where he would be free of all this - and happy.

“It was a really sweet ending. As much as he had done a horrible thing, as much as he had felt that pain, the actual ending for him was finally being released." Harington revealed that he was moved by the outcome of his character.

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Aline Oliveira.