Ivy Queen Reclaims Her Throne With Her Brand New Single, Next!

ivy quee new single
Ivy Queen La Diva

Over the past 25 years, Ivy Queen has been a constant in the world of reggaeton, thus being dubbed the First Lady of Reggaeton. From her no nonsense attitude, long nails, and iconic voice, Ivy Queen has experienced it all.

“I had to build Ivy Queen from zero when everyone was against what being female in the music industry was. Like my long nails, people were calling me Freddy Krueger, Edward Scissorhands, you name it. So I took the hit. So to still be here 20 years later for me, I just feel pride,” Ivy shared.

Now while some artists would only wish to have a career as long as that of Ivy Queen’s, Ivy is showing no signs of slowing down with the release of her new single titled Next, which is all about moving on.

“For guys, it’s more approved to say next when they finish a relationship and jump into another one. But for females, it’s not portrayed as the same. So I wanted to create something to that same level. With Next, what we’re trying to do is to give girls an anthem that allows them to vent,” Ivy said.

Becoming a leader for women empowerment in the music industry is nothing new for Ivy Queen. Many young talents such as Rosalia and Cardi-B have referenced Ivy Queen as nothing short of being a pioneer for women in the industry. Though Ivy is now far removed from the underground artist she was in Puerto Rico years ago, her authenticity has never wavered.

“My biggest victory in my career is having [artists] use me as a reference. That is how huge and complete I feel…. That means more to me than any amount of awards could ever make me feel,” Ivy said.

While Ivy has had a string of success dating back to the early days of reggaeton, her motivation to continue making new music comes from the idea of leaving a “heritage of knowledge” for future artists.

“I have been doing music because it is my passion but more than that it’s my mission. To leave great content behind, it’s the tools that I am leaving for my daughter that you can’t buy with all the money in the world. It’s not about money, it's about the soul and how a woman can go from zero to building something for herself,” Ivy added.

Ivy’s new single Next is now streaming on all major platforms.