Shia Labeouf Is Opening up About His Struggle With Ptsd

Shia LaBeouf participates in an audience Q&A during the 42nd Mill Valley Film Festival - "Honey Boy" Premiere on October 9, 2019 in Larksbur, California. (Photo by Kimberly White/Getty Images)

Shia LaBeouf is opening up about his struggle with PTSD after Disney.

“In a very simple way, to me, having money meant having a family,” the 33-year-old actor said on THR‘s new podcast. “The more money I had, the more I could have my family around. That’s just how I equated it.”

“I was trying to earn my father. I was trying to shake off Disney. I was trying to shake off blockbusters. And I was trying to work with people who f–ked with me,” he said.

In 2017, Shia was arrested and attended court-ordered rehab.

“It was the first time I’d been told I had PSTD,” Shia said of his rehab stay. “I just thought I was an alcoholic, like, a true-blue drunk and I needed to deal with that. I knew it was an issue but didn’t know there was this extra whole other thing that was hindering my ability to have any peace in my life and my ability to deal with people.”