Former President Obama's Youngest Daughter Is Going To College

this is why sasha obama was not at her dad s farewell speech 2
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Sasha Obama choose the University of Michigan and she will begin her studies in the fall. The youngest daughter of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, was spotted visiting the school.

“Sasha is living in dorms like a normal college freshman,” a source told ET. “I have seen her on campus, I’ve met her and she seems excited for the school year.”

“She just wants to try and have as normal of a college experience as possible but she kind of accepts that it won’t really happen and it’s going to be different for her,” the source continued.

Another source added that Barack was spotted on campus this week with security.

The Obamas and UM have yet to confirm that she's headed to Michigan for college. Her sister, Malia Obama took a gap year in 2016 before starting at Harvard University in the fall of 2017.