High School Senior Threw A Pizza Party For A Homeless Shelter Instead Of A Graduation Party

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Instead of having a graduation celebration, Leanne Carrasco, a young student who recently graduated from "Waltrip High School" chose to organized a pizza party for a homeless shelter for women and children in Houston.

“I didn’t want to spend so much money either on a party, when that’s just gonna last a day,” Carrasco told KTRK, “I feel that if I’m able to give to the people that will last more than a day. I just want people to be able to have some stuff that they don’t normally have.”

Leanne added she enlisted a bunch of her close friends and got to work with the organization Star of Hope.

Local TV stations covered the generous act, and word of it then spread like wildfire. More than 20 news outlets across the country told Carrasco’s story to the world.

"It was a very magical day," Scott Arthur, a spokesman for Star of Hope told CNN. "It gives you a hope for the youth of today. They (the high schoolers) were able to think of other people."

Everyone at the event gave a standing ovation and lined up to hug her, moved by her incredible compassion.

"I told her this was her final exam, and she got an A plus," Arthur said.

Carrasco plans to attend Briar Cliff University soon where she'll put her compassion and thoughtfulness for others to good use as she plans to study nursing.