Why The Color Of Your Underwear Matters On New Year's Eve

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Did you know that the color of underwear you wear on New Year's Eve can be a deciding factor as to how your upcoming year will go?

It's related to numerology. The colors you wear influence in the state of your spirit, and each color has a certain frequency that's associated with a number.

Accordingly, wearing clothing or accessories of a certain color can have a strong effect on your upcoming year. "By knowing what color is related to the energy of your personal number at the New Year's entrance, you can positively vibrate and boost your life in 2019," says Aparecida, a Brazilian numerologist.

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So which color should you wear to welcome in the new year?

To discover what color of underwear you should wear in New Year, you must first know how to do a little mathematical calculation provided by Aparecida: add the day of your birthday with the month of your birthday and the number 4.

For example, who was born on August 11 should do the following calculation: (1 + 1) + (0 + 8) + 4 = 14

From this number, you must add the digits until you get a number from 1 to 9. In the previous case: 1 + 4 = 5

The energy for the New Year's night of those born on the 11th of the 8th is 5.

On the other hand, if you were born on May 7, the calculation is: (0 + 7) + 5 + 4 = 16. 1 + 6 = 7

The energy for New Year's night is 7.

So what is the meaning of the colors?

Red = #1

If based on Aparecida's formula, your number is 1, then the ideal underwear for you is red.

Red brings personal power and dynamic energy for new and promising beginnings. It promotes "independence, action and conquest" says the numerologist.

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Orange = #2

For those got the number 2 as a result of their numerlogical calculations, the color orange is the ideal shade for you to wear to welcome in the new year. It promotes spontaneity and a positive attitude towards your relationship.

Yellow = #3

Yellow is the color for those who have the number 3. "Yellow is the color of communication, it influences the ability to express oneself. It brings the feeling of joy and vivacity, "says Aparecida.

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Green = #4

This color is the best for people with number 4, those who seek to realize their dreams. «Green recovers your energy, cleans, refreshes. It promotes a relaxing and protective effect ».

Light Blue = #5

This celestial hue diminishes chaos, removes blockages and allows for the flow of vital energy. It relieves tensions and stimulates clear thoughts

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Deep Blue = #6

A darker shade of blue will increase the sensitivity of your emotions and bring an atmosphere of deep understanding in your relationships. It promotes union and the easy flow of feelings.

Purple = #7

The passage of the year brings a renewal of internal energy for the people of number 7. "This color will expand your intuition" explains Aparecida.

Beige = #8

Variants of beige and brown and other earth tones are optimal for the number 8 people, who will start next year planning their future. "Earth tones intensify the energy of self-confidence and power. They promote physical and mental resistance" says the numerologist.

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Pink = #9

For people who have the number 9, the pink color is the best fit for your new year. Aparecida says "you will have a retrospective moment and put an end point in everything that prevents you from moving toward the future freely. The pink color promotes understanding, dialogue and understanding."

What colors will you wear to welcome in 2019?