5 Family Holiday Traditions You Should Start This Year

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The holidays are a time for family fun and bonding, and starting new traditions is a great way to do that. Here are some of our favorite ways to create magical ones...

1. Give back.

Whether its a family trip to volunteer at a soup kitchen or rounding up donations and sponsoring a family for a local charity, giving back to your community is the best gift. So why not make a tradition of doing it as a family?

2. Forget cookies. Bake a pie!

Or a cake, or brownies, or whatever else everyone prefers. Just be sure to do it every year.

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3. Wear matching outfits.

Or pajamas, or hats, or something else coordinated. It makes for a great photo opp and you'll treasure the pictures forever.

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4. Create your own "year in review" video.

Cover all the highlights and key moments of the year.

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5. Play a game together.

Board games, card games, even video games all work. The point is to do it together!

Starting a new tradition not only gives you something to look forward to every holiday, it brings you closer together.