Brides Are Going Crazy Over This 'Flying Veil' Wedding Trend

flying veil

Weddings are not what they used to be. With trends always changing and some making comebacks, you never know what to expect at the next wedding you attend or even your own!

But because it's 2018, you best believe that new wedding fads are quickly on the rise and among them: The Flying Veil.

A video on Facebook, which has over 13 million views and more than 125K shares, has blessed us with this new phenomenon that has future brides talking!

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Basically, the bride stands on one end of the room and the veil magically (with the help of ceiling rails, pulley's, ropes, and stuff) flies across the room, over the guests, and perfectly lands on the brides head.

Why is this even a thing? We don't know! But the hype is real overseas and these #FlyingVeil posts prove it on Instagram!

Would you try it out this new wedding craze?

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