Woman Is Searching For Mom's Wedding Dress After Terrible Dry Cleaner Fail In 1985

wedding dress dry cleaner fail
Ame Bartlebaugh via Storyful

The internet is such a glorious place. That's why, on this lovely day, we bring you yet another proof that the world wide web can do miracles!

Behold Ame Bartlebaugh's story. In early February, Ame had the idea to visit her grandmother and look at her mother's wedding dress and veil. The dress has never been opened after it was dry cleaned in 1985, which is totally a normal thing to do with big-puffy-special-occasion-dresses.

When Ame opened the bag, she realized that the dry cleaner messed up. The dress and veil were not the ones her mother wore at her summer wedding 33 years ago! Ame immediately shared her story on Facebook with the hopes to give the dress back to its original owner and find her mom's real gown.

On Facebook, she stated: "Today I went to my grandmother's to look at my mother's veil and dress. They had it dry cleaned and sealed in the Willoughby/Willowick area in 1985 and it has not been opened since. Today I opened it to discover the dry cleaner had made a mistake! They had sent the wrong dress and veil home. I am now in search of the owner of this gown. It was dry cleaned in the summer of 1985. It has a hoop skirt that goes underneath and a veil with a flower crown attached. Please share this, I would hate for someone not to have their mothers dress. Thank you! Below is also a picture of my mom in her dress and gown!"

After some shares and comments, Ame was able to locate the dress' original owner. "By pure luck, we found the owner to the dress in under 24 hours thanks to so many people sharing the post!" she noted. "Unfortunately, the woman whose dress we had, had a different dress that wasn't my moms! So in the spirit of keeping hope, I am still searching for my mother's dress and veil."

So, from the looks of it, the dry cleaner (possibly Mr. Todd's in Willowick, Ohio) caused a crazy mix-up and all these brides that got married in the '80s probably have the wrong dress.

Talk about an epic FAIL.

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