This Newlywed's Explosive Photoshoot Will Inspire You To Step Up Your Wedding Game

wedding volcano 1
Nebreja Brothers Media via Storyful

If you thought your profesh wedding photos at the park were cute ASF, think again, because one couple just stepped up the game for every newlywed in history.

Arlo and Maica are a couple from the Philippine's who tied the knot on January 25 after a 10-year relationship. With their church a little over six miles south of the Mayon Volcano, they thought it'd be a cool idea to use the active volcano as a prop—and honestly, same.

Instead of letting a few hundred meters of ash cloud rain on their parade, Arlo and Maica incorporated the over 8,000-feet-high volcano into their professional wedding pics. The epic moment was captured by Nebreja Bros. Media.

wedding volcano 2
Nebreja Brothers Media via Storyful
wedding volcano 3
Nebreja Brothers Media via Storyful

Also known as Mount Mayon, this massive landmark is an active stratovolcano that has been spewing large ash for over a month. The Mayon is currently under Alert Level 3, meaning "increased tendency towards hazardous eruption," according to ABS CBN News.

Although over 12,000 residents near the volcano have evacuated, Arlo and Maica were courageous enough to wed near the mountain and even include it as part of their memorable and explosive day!

A question for all you lovebirds out there... can you top that?

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