You Won't Believe How Colorful This Blogger's Rainbow Apartment Is

If your capacity for all things rainbow capped out at the Unicorn Frappuccino or anything with the word “mermaid” in it, then prepare yourself, because you haven’t seen Amina Mucciolo’s apartment yet.

The 34-year-old blogger and social media influencer lives in a certifiable rainbow paradise. Seriously, it’s as if the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was in Downtown L.A. and big enough to fit a human couple. She lives with her husband Salvatore in the 650 square foot space and, according to Daily Mail, calls her humble abode “Cloudland.” Fitting.

Here’s her bedroom…

Her wall of bags…

Her living room…

And her kitchen…

Peep the My Little Pony collection up top.

Mucciolo runs a design firm called Studio Mucci that centers around the dream-like whimsicalness that engulfs her everyday life. A self-described Pinkaholic, Mucciolo opened up about the eating disorder she suffered while growing up on her blog.

“I spent many years as a spectator, always on the outside watching, trying to figure out a way to fit in,” she wrote. “That desire to be a part of something was so strong, that I was willing to do anything (Including erase myself completely), if I thought that it would help me get ‘inside.’ Fortunately, those days are SO over! After embarking on a long journey to self discovery (which included years of therapy), I finally found the courage to love myself, and with that came so much of what I had been chasing for what seemed like my entire life.”

She told Daily Mailthat she wanted her apartment to be a reflection of her and her husband’s personalities, and to feel like “spring all year round.”

“There’s something about what happens in spring- the holidays, the colors, that fresh feeling of happiness,” she said. “It’s so inspiring for me.” It’s easy to see the inspiration in her home decor! Her kitchen cabinets are covered in washi tape and she buys everything in bright colors, from her furniture to her cereal bowls.

The wall that runs from her living room through her hallway and kitchen boasts a 10-foot by 20-foot rainbow mural that she painted with her husband and best friend. Her bedroom has a “crystal cave aesthetic,” because it has no natural light, so she created an agate inspired wall mural to give it that effect. She also handmade the flower mural behind her couch, which was also inspired by spring, because she said she wanted “ things to feel like they were blooming all the time.” Mission freaking accomplished.

Mucciolo has reached peak rainbowness. Rainbow Nirvana. Colorful enlightenment. We are not worthy.

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