5 Questions Every Expecting Father Asks Himself


One of the most exciting and scariest things a man can hear is that he’s going to be a dad. Most men would agree that after the initial shock of finding out you're going to be a father sinks in, you realize that your life will never be the same.

Adjusting to fatherhood can make some drastic differences in a man's life, but for the most parts, it's a welcomed change. Here's what's constantly running through the mind of an expecting father.


1. Am I someone my child can look up to?

Every man wants to be a hero in their child's eyes. At this point, we don't realize that simply being there for your child already makes you their superhero, no matter what.

2. What can I change?

Becoming well-rounded is very important at this point in life. If life is headed in the wrong direction, this is the time that many men step up to the plate and make drastic changes for the better.

3. How can I secure my child's financial future?

If a man has never had to hustle, knowing that he has to provide for someone that didn't ask to be here should be enough to make him get off his ass and get secure a bag.

4. What does it mean to be a good father?

Being the best father starts with a man's internal vision. It's often reflective of the love he received or expected to receive from his own father.

5. Will I have strict or lenient parenting style?

Every dad tries to predetermine his parenting style. If he thinks he'll be strict it usually doesn't work out that way. Once you look into your child's eyes, you're putty in their hands, and every initial thought goes out the window.


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