This Little Girl Gave Up Her Birthday Party To Feed The Homeless In Chicago

Armani Crews, a little girl from Chicago, decided against balloons and bounce houses for her 6th birthday and instead, chose to celebrate others rather than herself.

According to ABC News, she had been begging her parents to let her feed the homeless in her community, but they thought she was joking. Her mother said they offered to make some sandwiches, but Armani wanted “the same thing we’d have at my birthday party,” so her dad, Antoine, said that if she wanted to go through with the project, she wouldn’t get a birthday gift.

Armani agreed, and the Crews family spent $300 on hot food, including chicken, pasta, green beans, cake, fruit, and water. Members of their church also donated items to create care packages with toiletries and snacks. They fed 125 people in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, about which Armani herself said, “It was nice to be nice.”

Heart. Melted. Entirely. Everyone should be like Armani. That is all.

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