Single On Valentine's Day? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Celebrate With Your Squad

valentines day with friends

Ah, Valentine's Day, it can go both ways: either you spend it with your significant other or you are single AF. Whatever the case, it's one of those special holidays to let your loved ones know how much you love them (although we're clear that it should be an everyday thing).

If you're like me —super soltera, and if you're also like —have super soltera friends, then why not spend the lovey-dovey day with your squad? After all, they do love you unconditionally, and I bet the love is mutual.

Here are some ways to make the best out of that day you low-key dread.

1.Have a '90s movie marathon

valentines day friends 1
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You know what this means: Selena! Grab some of the classic flicks of the '90s and binge-watch with your girl gang. Clueless, Toy Story, Dazed and Confused, Titanic, and pretty much every Leonardo DiCaprio movie, just to have an idea.

2. Potluck dinner, anyone?

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Forget dinner reservations! Celebrate Valentine's Day with a potluck party. This day is the perfect excuse to kick that diet to the curb and tell your bff to bring her bombass tres leches.

3. How about happy hour?

valentines day friends 3

Since Valentine's Day falls on a school/work day, celebrate once you clock out. You know what that means: Happy hour!!!

4. Karaoke's are always a swell time!

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Unleash the Celia Cruz in you and sing the night away! You and your squad will have a good ole' time jamming to empowering girl songs from artists such as Garbage, No Doubt, Selena, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, and more!

5. Eff' it, go shopping!

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It's not like you really have to go shopping, but we all know it's not a bad idea. That scarf, those ripped jeans, that over-sized denim jacket? Those are all things you never knew you needed... on Valentine's Day.

The options to celebrate Valentine's Day with your friends are endless. But, whatever you do, DO NOT DRUNK TEXT AN EX (OR CRUSH)! Just saying.

What are some ways your single-self and single buds celebrate V-Day?

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