Try These New Year's Resolutions That Make You A Better Friend

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Making New Year's Resolutions are all about setting goals for yourself that will assist you with progressively becoming a better person each year. Being that your friends are somewhere at the top of the list of important people in your life, why not make it your mission to become a better friend this new year? Here are seven simple resolutions that won't get in the way of any of your other, more challenging resolutions.

Spend extra time listening.

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Being a good listener is the cornerstone of a great friendship.

Let your actions speak louder than your words.

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Don't hesitate to show how much you love your friends.

Get healthy with your friends.

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Kill two birds with one stone by getting yourself and your friends in shape. At the very least, the bonus of having a workout partner you can have fun with is good motivation to actually go to the gym.

Laugh more together.

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Because everyone can use a good laugh.

Be your friend's biggest supporter.

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There are few things more empowering than having a great support system behind you. Always let your friends know that you support their dreams even if you don't always approve of them.

Embrace random moments of fun.

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Random moments of fun often create the most memorable times in a friendship. Don't be a party pooper and let one pass you by.

Make time for each other.

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People make time for what's important to them, so what better way to show your friends how important they are to you.


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