How To Cope With Family You Don't Want To See On Thanksgiving


Family is one of the most important things in life and the holidays are the best times to spend with loved ones. But that doesn't automatically mean you always get along perfectly with family. In my opinion, it's weird if everything is just peachy all the time. Every family has a little bit of dysfunction and it’s normal, trust me. Everyone has that family member who gets under your skin just enough to make you contemplate ruining Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are a few tips that could help you refrain from digging your dinner fork in someone's eye or wishing you could carve that person instead of the turkey.

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Don’t get hammered.

Having a drink or two is a good way to keep positive vibes, but one too many drinks could spell disaster. Being drunk makes it more difficult to handle frustrations and could cause you to behave differently than you would if you weren't under the influence.

Don’t agitate any potential disagreements.

Remember that this is a family function. Do everything in your power to help keep a positive mindset even if other people forget to do so. That way if something does pop off, at least it wasn't your fault.

Humor is a great tension reliever.

Keep the atmosphere around your Thanksgiving gathering positive and full of laughter. It’s difficult to laugh and be upset at the same time.

Embrace the holiday cheer.

Just relax! Family gatherings are supposed to be fun, especially around the holidays. Think about how happy you are for the eggnog and cranberry pie.

Stuff your face!

Once you're full of that Thanksgiving feast, you’ll be too stuffed to argue or entertain unnecessary BS.


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