How To Determine Your Mothering Style Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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If you want to have a family but don't know how many kids you should have or what kind of mom you'll be, maybe your zodiac sign can serve as inspiration. After all, your zodiac can help you determine what type of parent you will be and even hint at how many kids you should ideally have.

How many kids should you have and how will you be as a parent?


Impulsive! Aries moms can be easily parents of three or four children. They will give attention and affection to everyone equally and will know when to let them be free to make their own choices.


They could have two children in close proximity - this is the ideal amount for the bulls. A larger number could be quite difficult, since this sign does not like clutter and tends to be serious with children and perhaps even a little controlling.

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Two children, preferably twins, would be the ideal number to compose a Gemini family. The children would be inspired by the creative mind of this sign and will probably be the first to recite the alphabet and do simple math.


Despite being known as the most materal sign of the Zodiac, two children with a good difference in age would be ideal for Cancer mom. The connection will be immediate and without complications, since Cancers are accustomed to being "parents" of friends and relatives.


Those of this sign will thrive with two and four children. A multitasking sign can easily face all the challenges of motherhood. They know how to convey to children the importance of always being independent and to be always prepared for anything challenges life might throw at them.


They are generally quite rational and practical, so Virgo may just want to have one child. The challenges of a large family could be too exhausting for an exacting Virgo. In addition, this sign feels calmer in a quieter environment so they need to be in an organized house, which is much easier with a single kid.

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Libra loves a balanced life, can have more ease in maintaining a "balanced" family. Therefore, children in pairs would be considered ideal for a Libra parent, whether it's two, four or even six children.


The need to stay always surrounded by loved ones makes a Scorpio feel quite comfortable and happy with a large family. This sign, therefore, will need to find a partner who's willing to have a true army of children.


Those of Sagittarius can be happy and satisfied with only one child. Despite being known for their free spirits, this sign prefers to have total control of the situation and a single child would be perfect so they can devote themselves motherhood with singular dedication.

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Able to do different tasks at the same time and considered an example in situations that require concentration, dedication, and attention, those who were born under the Capricorn sign can quietly form a large family, with at least three children.


Dedicated Aquarians can study, listen to advice and even participate in courses to learn the best ways to care for a family. But because they have an almost childlike personality, they can have greater ease in dedicating themselves to only one child.


When it comes to family and children, Pisceans are unbeatable. Emotional and with a great capacity to distribute love and attention, they need a full house to arm themselves with happiness. It may seem crazy, but the Piscean should have five children or even more.

Do you agree with these interpretations?

Translated article original published on VIX Brazil, by Paulo Nobuo.