People Who Prefer To Stay At Home Are Smarter, According To A Study

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If you love to stay home alone and know how to take advantage of your own company, but from time to time you question whether you should give in to peer pressure and go out to parties, you have a reason to relax and not worry about your "loneliness." Believe it or not, you are smarter than your friends who go out practically every day.

People who prefer to stay alone have a higher IQ

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According to a study published in the British Journal of Psychology, people who feel better about less social interactions and better adapt to small circles of friends have a higher IQ.

Carried out by evolutionary psychologists, the negative impact of lifestyles in large cities was more than doubled among people with the lowest IQ, according to the study. In addition, those considered smarter reported to be less happy when they needed to leave home and socialize frequently.

The evaluation was made from questionnaires with 15 thousand volunteers between 18 and 28 years old and analyzed answers about their happiness, the place where they lived, and what their social interactions were like. So the next time they call you boring for not coming out, you know what the answer is.

*Translated from original article by Paulo Nobuo published on VIX Brazil

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