This Is How The Solar Eclipse Is Affecting You Until 2019, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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The solar eclipse that took place on August 21, 2017, covered the sun for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

The Moon's full coverage was broadcast live on NASA and generated high expectations even from astronomers: it was the first time in the century that the phenomenon crossed the U.S. state from East to West.

Impacts were felt in various fields. The U.S. government's own space research agency confirmed that the eclipse would stir the earth and even our body weight. Also according to the agency, pet owners could observe strange behavior in their pets during the astronomical event.

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Total eclipse of August 21: Impacts on zodiac signs

In the astrological field, there have also been significant influences that, according to astrologer Manika, will continue for a long period, meaning, until March 2019.

According to the astrologer, the changes are at both the collective and individual levels. "We do not know what the eclipse triggers in each person specifically, but it acts to push some new solution," he says.

Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio will be most affected

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Manika explains that the North node of the Moon was in Leo and the South node in Aquarius. Therefore, these signs, like the other two that make up the fixed cross (Taurus and Scorpio) have been and will continue to be the most affected.

"As these fixed signs do not tolerate changes, the eclipse's impact can be a bit painful for some. However, when they finally make their transformation, they structure a whole new time," says the astrologer, noting that the greater intensity is in places where the eclipse was most visible because it is on these axes that the shadow of the Moon acts.

Here are some changes that each zodiac sign might experience over the next few months:


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  • Aries will feel a creative change in their life. The impulsive ones, however, will be more reflective;
  • Those who are expecting a baby will see their dream come true and those who do not want children need to be careful;
  • Your love life will be stirred: the Aryan will feel head-over-heels for someone once again;
  • Old habits that hinder love will have to change, or your heart may suffer;
  • Work on your anger and frustration because otherwise, it will be difficult to seek success in life.


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  • Taurus will finally free themselves from what has prevented them from growing all this time, such as attachment to their parents;
  • However, some will need to learn to create positive bonds with their parents and stop being so spiteful about everything that has happened;
  • Learning to earn a living will also be required for adults;
  • The natives of this sign will need to confront their very critical father or mother;
  • On the other hand, they will feel new, because they will be able to reap everything they have planted in the last few years - and they will gain more success thereby;
  • If you have had serious problems in your love life, you will have new insights into what has happened, and may even renew this path;
  • You might move to a new city or make their home a deep meeting place with their parents, family, and soul.


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  • Gemini will be even more communicative, and those who need to learn to speak more will have much more desire to express themselves;
  • Those who work with production, theater, dance, writing, physical therapy, physical education, and dentistry will have the opportunity to improve their work and earn well;
  • Expect to travel a lot, especially to your ancestors country;
  • Psychologically, they will have to deal with traumas, take care of their health, and relationships.


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  • Cancer will feel more entrepreneurial in business and have a more active voice when it comes to talking about their values;
  • They should begin to raise money to invest in their own home or something of their interest;
  • Be careful not to be too stubborn;
  • Old friends will appear in your dreams, asking for more balance between your love life and friendships;
  • Friendships and love will be affected if they are not confronted.


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  • You will reconnect with special people who left your life;
  • This reunion might be difficult because they might leave your life for good;
  • Know this, you will still put the interests of others above what your heart wants;
  • The theater and the actors will benefit from this eclipse. They will take care of their bodies more and strive harder for their dreams, without throwing away everything that they have built up to now;
  • Work will change, and it is possible that you will move to another country or city.


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  • Virgo might feel a strong intuition about something unpleasant that can cause paranoia;
  • They should feel more introspective and thoughtful about closing certain chapters of their lives;
  • Health will be a delicate matter, but there will be positive results if treated well. For those who have an addiction, like gambling or smoking, this is the time to quit before it's too late.
  • You might travel to your ancestors country and feel a sense of connectivity you've never felt before.


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  • Libra over the age of 30 will finally be ready to accomplish their biggest dreams;
  • The younger ones will have a good glimpse of what makes their hearts beat stronger. They will meet friends who will change their lives, and if they want to work with groups (and are prepared for it), they should start now;
  • Financial investments will be very positive. If you have to invest in something that will make a profit and that serves life, do it.


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  • Scorpions will have the opportunity to drop everything that's making their lives harder;
  • However, it's important to learn about boundaries and knowing the difference between your limits and others;
  • Where there is a possession, love does not survive. Love relationships will be tinkered in every way, especially for those whose parents are going through a divorce. Trying to save their relationship is too big of a challenge for any child;
  • Being humble can help you in the long run. Especially, because there will be many opportunities to find a happier and more rewarding job;
  • Some will find a partner that will change their lives and provide much growth.


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  • Sagittarians will want to travel the world or study new philosophies, which is not much news. But something will actually arise in their lives for this movement to happen. Studies of any nature will intensify, and friendships will change;
  • Close friendships and relationships might leave your life and may even cause a disillusionment;
  • For some Sagittarians it will be important to take care of their health and cure many diseases;
  • The natives of this sign will also learn to speak and write in a more direct and palatable way for the readers;


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  • Capricorns will also be re-evaluating relationships;
  • They may earn money or inheritance from relatives still alive, or through working partnerships and investments;
  • Some friends will walk out but other new ones will appear;
  • An old love can still haunt them. However, they will learn from this and be able to love again.


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  • They will effectively seek a path toward what is lacking in their life;
  • The idea is to conclude actions that have been initiated and perhaps left unfinished;
  • Others may be lost, even with many friends around them, wanting to know who they are and what is most important to them;
  • New groups of friends and new ways of seeing the world will emerge and disappear;
  • They will heal loving relationships, even if it means to cut them out of their life.


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  • Pisceans have to take care of their health and change their lifestyle habits;
  • Those who consider themselves dreamers will put their feet on the ground;
  • Their daily routine is fundamental and crucial, especially in the work field;
  • The native of Pisces will also have to learn to speak what they feel, without being a victim;
  • This will also be a good time to learn how to selflessly help others.

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