6 Embarrassing Things Men Never Want You To Know The Truth About

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Many men hold themselves to a fairly high standard. We have core values that we won't compromise to save our lives and that's a pretty respectable thing for the most part. However, there is a different side to being a man that most people without a penis will never understand.

Some things we prefer to keep to ourselves or only divulge to our most trusted compadres. Now, it's not like we have bodies buried in the back yard or something. Most of these things we hide the truth about are harmless and insignificant, but we'd prefer you don't know these embarrassing things.

How many sexual partners they've had.

For some reason, men like to hide this magic number as if it's top secret and it automatically increases or decreases depending on who you're talking to. We give it a little bump up when around other men, but in the presence of women we shave off a few in order to seem innocent enough. The reality is that no one except us truly cares how much sex we've had, but we do it anyway.

Our internet browsing history is top secret.

If you ever want to learn the absolute truth about a man, look at his browsing history. It will reveal everything you want to know, but deep down wish you hadn't found out.


We silently admire good looking guys.

Women openly admire another woman's attractiveness all day every day. I've even seen women ask other women to feel their butt simply out of curiosity because they thought it looked sexy. Now, imagine a man requesting to grope another man's pecs or the bulge in his pants? That sounds like an easy way to start a fistfight.

We predetermine what we want before the first date.

Yeah, we tell women that were just taking things one step at a time, but that's not entirely true. Trust me! Based on appearance and observation of how a person we are attracted to behaves, we automatically know if we would just sleep with, date, or attempt a serious relationship with that person. What happens after we get to know you confirms or eliminates our initial thought and determines how we move forward.

You'll never know how often we masturbate.

That's confidential information, but it depends on just how much free time he has on his hands. Chances are he's touching himself in some capacity right now.

We would secretly hook up with pretty much anyone.

Most men have a preference, but that preference doesn't matter as much when it's a secret. He may eventually tell his close friends about it one day after a few drinks.


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