7 Things That Only Women Who Had A Summer Pregnancy Will Understand

summer pregnancy
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It's beautiful to be pregnant, of course. Although ... if I were a mommy-to-be and could avoid a season it would certainly be summer. Everything is more intense, more tiring and hotter.

Were you pregnant in the summer? Surely you will understand these things perfectly!

1. No, don't tempt me, beer

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Do not look at me like that, beer. I will not drink you. No matter how hot it is, you don't scare me at all. (Meanwhile, I can't wait to give birth to chug away!)

2. This bikini shrunk!

OMG!I do not know what happened to you, bikini, but you don't fit me anymore. Who cares, I'll still wear you to the beach and flaunt my beautiful belly!

3. Summer nausea is much more intense

Heat, sand, sea ... and nausea. What a splendid vacation, right?

4. The heat is not helping my belly

Yes. I love my beautiful belly. But THIS HEAT IS KILLING ME!

5. It's impossible to cover up

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If you feel like covering your belly a bit, it's impossible because it's summer and it's hot. I hate to admit it, but winter, I LOVE YOU (at least during pregnancy).

Winter, I did not want to say it, but ... I LOVE YOU (at least during pregnancy).

6. S-L-E-E-P

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How difficult is it to sleep in summer—pregnant or not? The heat prevents us from falling asleep and this big belly makes matters worst.

7. It's impossible to tan our legs standing up!

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We go to the beach, we put sunscreen, we lay down, we feel uncomfortable, so we stand up. We go home, look in the mirror, and our legs got no sun!

Pregnant in summer? What a bummer, but the truth is, that it's worth every sacrifice for that little bundle of joy on the way!

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