Guests at home? 5 Simple Ideas To Welcome Them With Style


Did you invite friends to eat at your house and want to surprise them with something different? Sometimes that can be easier said than done. Figuring out how to decorate or what menu you're going to serve can be difficult.

We can give you some ideas to welcome them with style. Mixed with your ideas, you can be the best host possible. The most important thing is to generate a good atmosphere for everyone to have fun, right?

# 1 An atmosphere that awakens the senses


Immediately after inviting them, you can already imagine how you are going to set your house for that day.

Beautiful candles and subdued lighting are ideal for creating a night-time atmosphere and, at the same time, allowing everything to be seen clearly. Some hours before the meeting, freshen up your curtains and clean up a bit so your house shines and smells good.

And, of course, you can't forget to choose the soundtrack of the night. It is best to opt for a music that everyone likes and put it at a moderate volume so it does not interfere with conversation.

# 2 Decorating is a MUST

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Do you want to try a low cost and original decoration for the table and the living room? You can hang some garlands, put colored ribbons on your lamps or dust off the Christmas lights and use them to bring the environment to life.

Another option is to put up some posters with funny phrases and stick them in brochettes or replace the glasses with jars of jelly.

Create your own decoration with what you have on hand. This is all about giving a different and original touch to your space.

# 3 Surprise everyone with the menu

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Now that you've gotten all the applause for the setting, the menu can not be left behind. I love themed dinners and ethnic food (if it's homemade, even better!).

Why not invite them to enjoy an Oriental or Mexican night? At the beginning, you can serve some nachos with cheese and guacamole, offer tacos as the main course and, when no one expects it, propose a round of tequila. Or better yet, throw some cushions on the floor, prepare some dish to the wok and eat with chopsticks. Which do you like better, Oriental or Mexican?

# 4 Game Night


As the night goes by, you can suggest a game to add to the fun you're having. There is no age to play (unless you choose to play a drinking game), you just have to feel like having fun. If you see that there is no desire to play, another option may be to watch a movie. Of course, you have to be willing to have your friends stay until dawn because I assure you that they will not want to leave.

# 5 The house is small ...


But the heart is big! It does not matter how big or small your place is when you welcome visitors at home. Fun is the only thing that matters.

That is why, when they arrive, apologize to the door with a smile and make them feel good. It is a small gesture, but it will set the energy you are going to face for the night. Even if you are not in the mood, you know that everything is cured with a good talk between friends.

What do you think of these ideas? When time is shared, there is nothing that can go wrong!


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