8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates, According To Experts

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We can always count on our pets to give us unconditional love. They don't care how we look or what our opinions are, they will always be our best friend, and we should treat them well.

While we're sure you give your dog lots of love and attention, but there are certain things you do that seem like a good idea but actually drive your dog crazy. Find out what they are below.

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1. You Give Too Many Hugs

It's okay to love your dog and show it through physical touch like petting, but even though it sounds crazy, many dogs hate being hugged because for them putting your "paws" on another dog is establishing dominance or the threat that comes right before a fight. Your dog may allow you to hug him, but the act may still very stressful for him.

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2. Talking Without Gesturing

Your dog is able to sense your emotions depending on your tone of voice, but he can't actually understand the words you're saying. The communication between dog and owner has nothing to do with verbal language, so it's best to use gesturing so they can better understand what you're saying. They'll also understand certain things based on the looks you give them, so make eye contact!

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3. Too Much Bathing

Dogs require baths unless you're willing to put up with the odor of a dog that hasn't been washed in months, but they don't require bathing as often as humans do. It's important to use bath time products made specifically for dogs and try to make the bath a positive experience for your dog. Every dog has its preference, some prefer warm water while others like bath time in the yard with the hose, so experiment until you figure out what suits your dog best.

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4. Dressing Them Up

Your pug may look adorable in a puffy jacket during winter, but he probably hates wearing it and hates clothes in general (unless he's chewing on one of your socks). A dog's fur is its natural coat that protects him from the elements. Your husky doesn't need to wear a jacket, let him be free.

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5. Rushing Them During A Walk

Dogs have a really fine sense of smell, so if they stop during a walk to sniff a leaf it's probably because he detected something he couldn't miss learning more about. It's stressful for your dog to be hurried during his walk and it throws off his innate exploratory needs.

6. Allowing Strangers To Touch Them

Dogs also really hate when strangers touch them. For them, it seems like you're trying to intimidate them, so if you see a really cute dog at the park, let it roam free unless it comes to you!

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7. Loud noises and screams

Dogs have sensitive hearing and loud noises like music or fireworks hurt their ears. If you're in a place where the music is too loud, or at a celebration with fireworks, find a quiet space from the chaos or just take your dog home.

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8. Not Providing Routine Or Structure

A dog isn't a baby, so he does not need to be pushed around in a stroller, but he does require a routine that'll make him feel calm. Feed your dog at the same time every day, and the same goes to for walks; the times don't have to be exact but they should be constant.

Don't yell at your dog for getting on top of your furniture, they need to be trained in order to learn what they should and shouldn't do. A simple yet stern NO will get the point across, and they'll begin associating the word NO with the things they shouldn't do. Rewarding your dog for doing something right is also a good way to train them.

Dogs are a lot of work, and if you don't have time for one, it's better for you to wait to get a furry friend until you do. Take care of your dog, give them lots of love, and make them an important part of your family.