5 Ways Dads Parent Differently From Moms


Both parents play equally important roles in the life of their children, but there is something special about fatherhood. Not saying that moms are any less spectacular, but dads are just different.

The relaxed parenting style that many fathers tend to typically have makes each dad unique, in their own way and sets them apart from how moms usually handle things. Here's how they differ.

Rub some dirt on it.

If there's no blood and the kid is conscious, rubbing dirt on the area that hurts is considered medical treatment to some dads.

Dessert counts as a meal.

A kid can get away with taking a few nibbles of meal and still get dessert.

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We babysit with our ears.

Dads will let older kids play withoutsupervision until we either hear a strange noise or it gets too quiet. Other than occasionally sneaking a peak at what the kids are up to, that's the extent of parental supervision when left with dad.

Daughters can do no wrong.

Girls get away with murder until they discover boys. After that, it's infinite grounding.

Fathers are usually tougher on their sons.

Fathers don't love our sons any less than our daughters. (All we want is for our sons to grow up to and be better men than we are, so we tend to be a little harder on them.


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