This Video Is Redefining Latinx Gender Roles

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Depending on our intersectional contexts, we receive specific messages about what it means to grow into a man or a woman. The second the doctor defines what is between our legs, we are given scripts to follow. Essentially, we are defined before we can ever define ourselves.

But just like any good character in a story, our essence is not so easily defined.

A recent video project speaks to the questions around what it means to be a boy and girl in a Latinx household. And how gender roles may often times prove to be limiting.

In the PSA video created by Gloria Morán, Boys Will Be Boys, a father, Jorge Díaz, speaks to his young daughter about the rules of gender he grew up with, where he enjoyed all the freedoms possible while his sister was not offered the same freedoms. He spoke about how his sister had domestic duties, while he was free to play simply because he was a boy.

“I took a backseat to standing up for my cousins, or my sister. Because everyone else around me assured me that, that was the way things are supposed to be,” said Diaz in the video.

Throughout the video, Diaz challenges the rules in place and decides to define manhood by his own terms. “Being a man is about challenging the script that was handed down to us,” Diaz said.

He proclaims to #ChangetheNarrative so that his daughter doesn't grow up with the same limitations and rules that his sister grew up with, giving her more opportunities to play herself in the story of her own life.

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