10 Feminist Instagram Feeds That Will Help You Celebrate Women's Equality


96 years ago, women in the United States earned the right to vote through the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, after years of fighting for the civil rights movement.

Unfortunately, earning the right to vote was only the first step to full women’s equality. We’ve come a long way, but we have a long way to go, and these Instagram accounts remind us of the work we have left to do in a fun, inspiring way. Take a look!

1. @theriotgrrrlproject

Riot grrrl is the female led, feminist and musical culture that propelled third wave feminism into the mainstream. Their ‘gram is full of fem punk history and inspo. Check it out if you wanna feel like the baddest b***h.

2. @womenincomics

If you want to see women in cartoons absolutely handing it to the man, this profile is for you.

3. @feminist.teenager

This cool profile posts fun graphics, cartoons, and illustrations all about #girlpower. You’ll also find informational posts with stats and facts on issues that are important to women worldwide—always good to stay in the know!

4. @beingbonded

Bonded is an “online publication dedicated to exploring issues of the modern woman and sharing stories of inspiring ladies and real female friendship.” Their ‘gram celebrates the beauty and power of girlfriends through quotes, cartoons, and photography.

5. @femfoundry

Fem Foundry is a group of artists based in Brooklyn, that sell stickers, totes, and zines on their site. Their Insta is full of doodles and illustrations that showcase their amazing talents.

6. @femalecollective

Female Collective is an online shop and blog by women to inspire, empower and uplift fellow women. Get ready to obsess over their sick shirts on their Insta, along with tons of other graphics and illustrations.

7. @feministvoice

Follow feministvoice for quotes and memes that will make you LOL but also, think about feminism in a colorful, eye-opening way.

8. @feministastic

This account is perfect for learning more about anything woman. Whether it be your rights, your body, or your options—this account, more than anything else, will help you educate (and stand up to) people that question feminism through infographics, charts, and the occasional meme. Their site has tons of articles and blog posts that will help you and everyone you know get informed and involved!

9. @feministandfabulous

Feministandfabulous delivers quotes and memes that make a powerful statement but are also just really fun and pretty to look at. Nothing wrong with being cute!

10. @joannathangiah

Get ready to be blown away by Joanna Thangiah’s amazing illustrations that encourage body positivity and all-around female awesomeness. Don’t forget to check out her shop!

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